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5 Benefits of Using Real Estate CRM Tools

Crystal Smith 2017-03-29 10:00:00

The real estate industry is a crowded place for eager realtors looking to make a loonie buying and selling homes. With competition fierce, especially in today's lucrative Toronto market, you have to employ every measure you can get your hands on to be the best in the business.

Here are three letters you must become acquainted with: CRM.

CRM, or customer relationship management, is a system that comes with a wide array of tools, needs and strategies. Everything from managing clients to keeping track of your leads and sales, CRM systems are sublime for the before, during and after stages of home buying and selling.

Every professional real estate agent uses some type of CRM solution in their firm. The next time you see a real estate agent closing three homes in one day, you can likely thank their CRM.

Here are five benefits of using real estate CRM tools in your day-to-day job:

🏠 Your Information Integrated Into One Place

As a real estate agent, your office is likely cluttered with documents, contacts and contracts. Your computer, tablets and smartphones are crammed with the same thing. It is all so hard to organize and come to grips with.

Well, with a CRM platform, you can organize your information and integrate this all into one place. By having all of your information solely concentrated into one venue, it is easier for you to access these documents, keep up-to-date with certain contacts and ensure that contracts have been signed, sealed and delivered. You won't get lost in a pile of pages ever again.

🏠 Response Made in an Instant

It is true that some feel that automated responses are quite impersonal. When a client contacts you, an automated reply of "Hello, sorry I am not in the office right now" can seem rather disingenuous. But an automated response doesn't have to be so robotic and technical.

What you can do instead is actually customize your automated instant response by understanding the automation. Moving forward, you reply can be "Hello – and I know that automated responses aren't great – but I wanted you to know that I will be out of the office until Wednesday."

Which one do you think your client will prefer?

🏠 Automate Your Tedious Tasks

Over the years, you may have become frustrated by the wide variety of tasks that have become monotonous and tedious too complete. This was even worse before the era of the computer.

A CRM can ensure that your most hebetudinous and repetitive tasks are finished without your hands. Indeed, the tools inside of a CRM system will automatically, whether it is certain emails you want to send or remembering a specific data.

Real estate CRMs are essentially a digital personal assistant.

🏠 Keep in Touch with Your Past Clients

You sold a house to a client five years ago or you helped another client sell a home a year ago. Why not keep in touch with them? They may not be in the market to buy or sell a property, but it is pertinent to stay in contact with these clients for when they may actually want to buy or sell a home or refer you to their friends, family or colleagues. A CRM can help you stay in touch.

🏠 The Marketplace is Loaded with Options

Did you know that the marketplace is loaded with CRM options? A simple Google search will reveal countless CRM platforms and systems from a wide array of brands. Indeed, you should do your research but you shouldn't feel perplexed because there are professionals out there to guide you to the right CRM for you and your real estate needs.

Being a real estate agent can sometimes be overwhelming, particularly when you're a successful professional with numerous clients at your disposal (not that you're complaining about this!). Real estate agents can oftentimes be engulfed in paper, inquiries, emails and the like. When they are too busy to do the most elementary tasks, they lose out on other important factors.

This is where a CRM steps in. As a CRM fills in to complete the mundane chores and routine, you can be out at properties buying and selling to all sorts of clients instantly.

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