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5 Crucial Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2016

Annie Yang 2016-07-08 00:00:00

It's 2016 so this means that it's time that some real estate agents start acting like it.

The real estate market in Pickering, and elsewhere across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), continues to heat up. The competition is fierce, buyers are participating in bidding wars and sellers are cashing in on the real estate frenzy. With the housing market the way it is today, people are just wanting to give you their money for an expensive house, large or small.

With that being said, realtors need to know how to market in today's landscape. Let's just say this: if you're still using the Yellow Pages then something is wrong with your marketing plan.

You should certainly take advantage of the numerous services, platforms and technologies out there to help you land a big sale. You shouldn't be terrified of trying something new and moving out of your comfort zone. The pros around you are using these tricks so it's time you do, too.

Here are five crucial marketing tips for real estate agents in 2016:

Facebook, over the last few years, has become an essential tool for realtors. Since tens of millions of users all over the world – you only care about the tens of thousands in Pickering - sign up for the social network to connect with friends and families, you want to connect with them, too, and many more, especially if they're interested in purchasing property.

So, how does a real estate agent take full advantage of the biggest social network in the world?

Here are several tips unlocking the true power of Facebook:

  • Your Facebook Page: even if you don't use Facebook yourself, you should set up a Facebook page that promotes your real estate business and your involvement in the industry. This helps you build connections.
  • Your Neighbourhood: start showcasing your neighbourhood by writing about it, sharing photos of the community, promote events happening in the area and talk about it.
  • Engage With Your Clients: there's nothing better than when you constantly engage with your clients. Whether it's snapping a picture of your clients getting their keys or holding contests, engagement is imperative for real estate agents.
  • Post Your Listings: why not post your listings on Facebook, too? It's convenient, fast and easy, plus you could even generate some leads.
  • Geo-Targeted Ads: Facebook offers advertising products that let you target your ads specifically. For instance, your promoted posts can be seen by other Facebook users in your geographically targeted area.

Facebook has so many uses. And, yes, even more than just sharing photos of your cats or babies.

Twitter is another powerful tool that realtors can take full advantage of. This function can liven up your listings, improve your brand (see below) and perhaps increase sales for your clients.

How can you achieve this? Here are a couple of tips you should incorporate into your plan:

  • Live Tweeting: if you're holding an open house, you should take a couple of moments to live tweet the event. You can tweet about some facts regarding the house, comments interested buyers have made and some funny remarks by you.
  • Using Periscope: indeed, some people don't want to be on camera (you should warn prospects in advance that you're recording the event), but Periscoping an open house can do wonders for both you and your clients. Periscope is the live video app from Twitter. You can also host webinars, record trade shows and answer questions live on Periscope.
  • Engaging the Audience: do some people on Twitter have questions for you? Are some people making positive comments about you? Is there a Pickering resident wondering where they can build property? Engaging with your audience is key on Twitter.
  • Hashtag: to get people talking about a specific event, always use a hashtag.
  • More Tips: For more tips on how to engage your users with social media, visit the Morris Marketing Group Inc. website for additional information.

Twitter, like Facebook, is more than an outlet to tweet your snide remarks or eating habits.

The average Internet user today detests standard definition content. They want high-definition (HD) content for everything. So, when you're making a video of a particular house or you're snapping pictures of a specific property, all of it should be done with HD in mind. This may seem like a first-world problem, but it's definitely something to take into account when you're creating content. If you're not familiar with the equipment then you should hire a professional.

Speaking of HD are a few content creation tips you should try out:

  • Aerial HD footage of the property using a drone.
  • A virtual tour or HD slideshow of the house.
  • A viral real estate video that will have people talking.

Yes, you should definitely have a website by now. Not only should you have a website, it should be a responsive one. In other words, your website should be mobile-firneldy that can be accessed on a wide variety of mobile devices, whether it's an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or tablet.

Moreover, you should also maintain an active blog. A blog is another form of content marketing. This is your venue to shine by opining about industry reports, highlighting certain houses in the neighbourhood or sharing tips for homeowners, fellow realtors and home buyers.

Lastly, if you haven't known yet, it's crucial to have a personal brand. You are your own brand, and you're the Chief Brand Officer of it. You have to market your brand, ensure its intact and create awareness. This is done by not only being a reliable professional who can be contacted all the time, it's also done through white-hap marketing tips, whether it's water bottles with your logo on it, a stellar business card, search engine optimization (SEO) tips and/or partnering with local businesses. You must always get your brand out there for everyone to know.

Marketing for real estate agents has greatly evolve from just 10 years ago. It's gone digital, social and mobile. By employing the latest marketing gimmicks, techniques and technologies, you can ensure that buyers and sellers alike will go to you. You can also become a leading realtor of the GTA community by standing out from the crowd and being a unique figure.

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