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Durham Real Estate: Six Frequently Asked Questions

Natalie Paul 2016-07-23 13:00:00


Durham Region is a great place to live, work, and play! The Regional Municipality of Durham, which everyone refers to as Durham Region, is located in Southern Ontario east of Toronto. The areas in the north are made up of small towns and rural areas whereas the southern portion, on Lake Ontario, is mostly suburban. Ajax, Pickering, and Uxbridge make up part of the Toronto Census Metropolitan area and Whitby, Clarington, and Oshawa make up the Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area. Any of these towns and cities are a great place to buy real estate. Here are some FAQ about moving within, or to, the Region of Durham.

If you are looking to buy real estate in the Durham region, consider talking to a local real estate agent for their breadth of industry expertise. Also consider asking these following questions about the real estate market:


Where do I call to set up my sewer and water billing account?

You must call the Customer Services section of Durham Region at 1-800-465-6611 before you move. You are responsible for all sanitary sewer and water charges assessed to your account until the closing date of the old house within the region, or the date of the notification. Before you call, make sure you have the property address, the date of closing, your lawyer’s name and phone number, the name of purchaser if you are selling your current home in Durham Region, and the address of where you are moving from if you are a current customer and need to finalize your current account.


Do I have to do anything about my water meter once I move in?

Yes, you will need to read the water meter. Although someone will be sent to read it, you should read it yourself and call with the reading. The meter is inside the house and so if you are not home when the reader is around, it will not get done.


What if I am moving into a brand-new home? Will there be a meter?

Durham Region will have already installed a water meter, but do check and make sure. It’s normally in the basement, against the wall closest to the street, near the floor. If you can’t find a meter, call the Works Department for an appointment to have one installed. There is no charge for this installation and you will be billed on a flat rate basis until the installation is complete.


Which company will be my hydro provider?

It depends on the are where you live. Currently there are several providers: Whitby Hydro Energy, Oshawa Power and Utilities Corporation, and Veridian Corporation have most of the coverage for Durham Region. Discussions on a merger have been made to make a single utility to cover the majority of the region, although nothing has yet been finalized.


What is there to do in Durham Region?

Each specific area has its own charm. If you’re a runner or cyclist, check out the more than dozen waterfront parks connected by an asphalt trail. This trail is part of the Waterfront Trail, which connects Belleville to Hamilton. Pickering has a revitalized waterfront with large boardwalk, splashed and play area, and a community performance space. There’s shopping all across the region, great casual and fine dining options, and wonderful schools.


Is there work?

Major employers include:

There are also other smaller firms that supply the automotive industry. Volkswagen’s Canadian headquarters is also located in the region. Ontario Power Generation is Canada’s biggest owner of nuclear power plants. There are three nuclear generating stations located in Durham Region.

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