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901 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5P 2K7, Canada

(416) 481-3908



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I recently attended a charity dinner at Avenue Road, a furniture store/event space.With a name like Avenue Road, I figured the location would be close to downtown but upon closer inspection, the address lead us to Leslieville!The 3-floor building was used well as a event space.  The main floor hosted cocktail hour and had a display of furniture goods although many signs on the table surfaces indicated that they were not to be used for holding drinks.  The upper floor had long banquet style tables set up for dinner.  We could watch the chef preparing our meals at an open kitchen with GE Monogram appliances.  Not sure if that's a permanent fixture or just set up for the event.The lower basement floor had a long bar, a lounge area and DJ booth, perfect for after dinner drinks and dancing.Only downside of this building as an event space is the bathrooms were on the basement level so it was a bit of a trek from the top floor down.

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Avenue Road Ltd

901 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5P 2K7, Canada
(416) 481-3908